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A Sexy New Licenced Mexican Joint Has Opened In Marina And It’s Going To Be THE Place To Be

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Dubai Marina has plenty of cool places, foodie joints and bars, but it’s been lacking those grungy, hipster restos with a bar, that are just cool and you can hit up in sneakers.


WELL, a funky new place has opened which a) has delish food b) is grungy decor and c) is in Dubai Marina.

Introducing the coolest new resto in Dubai: La Carnita

It’s Mexican food, a party vibe, and graffitied walls

Think Axe House grungy decor meets Hotel Cartagenga’s colours and plants – with wooden tables, plants suspended from the ceilings and a snazzy bar lining one side of the venue.

The music is loud, the staff are in sneakers, and the food is served on trays lined with baking paper.

La Carnita Dubai

And the tacos are AH-mazing

La Carnita Taco

This is going to be a hot spot for Marina weekends

While there are plenty of bars, clubs and such in Dubai Marina, there isn’t a solid supply of laid-back funky places you can go for a drink and get a bite – and this is it.

It was booked out on its opening night (Thursday) and the subsequent Friday following – so you know there’s buzz.

Plus, it’s Instagram friendly – which is the MOST important.

It’s located in the InterContinental Dubai Marina

And is open now, from 5pm-2am daily.

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