Mariah Carey Asked Her Fans To Join Her In Dubai And This Is NOT The Reaction She Was Expecting

She will remember to sound check the next time

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Mariah Carey experienced every performers' nightmare on New Year's Eve during a live show. She appeared to be lip syncing and got the words wrong to her song 'Emotions'. So when she sent a tweet out asking her fans to join her in Dubai with a link to the tickets on Ticketmaster, they reaction was still about this week's event in New York. 

The singer sent out this message to her millions of followers about her Dubai performance yesterday

But people haven't forgotten her bad performance at Times Square on New Years Eve

Fans just want Mariah to accept responsibility for the mistake

A lot of people aren't happy with her lip syncing

Some people even think her career is over

There are some people who can see the bigger picture

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