One Dubai Clinic Has Seen A 40% Increase In Male Botox This Year

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Botox is a cosmetic procedure that is usually associated with aging skin and would have more commonly been done by females. However, not it seems, it's becoming more and more popular for males. Al Arabiya English reported that a clinic in Dubai has seen a 40% increase year on year in men getting botox. As most industries suffer from a slight downturn in the economy in Dubai this year, that doesn't seem to have affected the cosmetic industry. 

Cost of botox in Dubai

According to website, Botox in Dubai, the cost varies. Estimates say you could spend around $2,000 per year on botox. 

'Botox Injection cost in Dubai varies considerably from place to place. You may also find a significant difference in the rate of two different healthcare providers. This is because these anti-wrinkle injections are priced two different ways

  1. By the vial or unit, ($9 to $20 per unit)
  2. By the area, ($250 to $500 for an area)'
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