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PICS: The IRON MAN 70.3 Was Held In Dubai Yesterday And It Was A Huge Success

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There is a really strong triathlon scene in Dubai that is growing strong every year. There are many events through the year from early October to the end of April. From sprint distances, to olympic distances to half IRON MAN distances. On Friday the 27th of January the IRON MAN rolled into town. The race started at 7am and took athletes on average 6 hours to complete. There were also many international athletes who came here to compete.

 Here are a few handy things to know about IRON MAN

  • The IRON Man is a brand, and host their own international events
  • The Dubai International Triathlon also has a 70.3 distance but it can’t be called an IRON MAN. 7
  • The 70.3 stands for the total distance in miles, but it is also 1.9km swim, 90km bike ride and 21km run, or a half marathon distance to finish. 
  • The full IRON MAN finishes with a full marathon
  • The swim is always first in a triathlon, followed by the cycle then the run

(Featured photo Instagram @aimeewright28)

The conditions were almost perfect despite some wind at the start of the cycle on a very flat course 

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