There's An Airbnb Management Company That Is Basically The Most Dubai Thing Ever

So you can use Airbnb but not actually have to do anything!

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In what might be the most Dubai service ever, a new management company is helping UAE residents with their Airbnb listings, and it's actually kind of genius.

Airsorted is a management company (not affiliated with Airbnb), that will do all the work for you in listing your place on Airbnb.

The service helps by optimising pricing, handles the check-in/key handover, and does the cleaning and restocking for you.

It's a global offering, which started in the UK and has expanded across Europe and to Australia, New Zealand, Ireland, and the Middle East, and is likely going to suit UAE residents VERY well.

It basically means you can rent out your flat on Airbnb without even doing anything - handy for those travelling and away for lengthy periods of time.

Check for deets.

It's worth noting, that in Ireland, Airbnb listings have elevated rent prices, with landlords opting to use Airbnb instead of renting flats

While this isn't a prevalent issue in the UAE (in part thanks to an oversupply of apartments), it could be an adverse consequence of the UAE shifting to Airbnb in the long run.