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A Hearty Breakfast With An Awesome View

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You can’t beat a proper fry up

Not in the mood for a full on Brunch in the Dubai sense of the word, we found ourselves craving a good and proper breakfast last Friday morning.

Dhow and Anchor, in the Jumeirah Beach Hotel, have just rolled out a new weekend breakfast menu and in the name of research we decided to try it out!

Breakfast with a view

We got there for 10 am so it was still cool enough to sit outside. Their decking area is perfectly shaded from the morning sun and overlooks the pool below with the Burj Al Arab looming in the backdrop. The view from this spot is unbeatable.

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Early birds

We were the first to arrive but others started to trickle in later. Although the place was empty, it didn’t takeaway from the atmosphere in the slightest. The staff were cheerful and welcoming and once we were seated outside it was incredibly peaceful, the ideal place to enjoy a quiet Friday morning breakfast.


A breakfast fit for Champions

We ordered “The Classic” full English breakfast and the Poached Eggs Gratin. While we waited we each ordered a juice, some sparkling water (San Pellegrino) and I had an Americano.

The best thing about the Americano was that it came in a mug. A proper mug- not one of those flimsy little cups that insist on you sticking out your pinky finger in order to be able to hold it.

The second best thing about it was that it was a damn fine Americano.


The service was nice and choppy and our food was in front of us in no time.

The Classic would more appropratiely be called “The Ultimate English”- it was huge and I genuinely didn’t know where to start. It came complete with 2 poached eggs, proper bacon (by proper we mean Pork), Cumberland Sausage, black pudding, baked beans, sautéed mushrooms, potatoes and tomato. Not to mention a huge bread basket on the side with real butter. Seriously it was overwhelming, in the best of ways. It tasted spot on – exactly what you’d expect from a full English breakfast.


Another winner

The Poached Egg Gratin was another superb dish, eggs cooked just right with some additional bacon on the side, this feed is ideal if you’re not up for the challenge ‘The Classic” presents.


It took the guts of an hour to eat our meals, having to stop for breathers every now and again. We finished it off with an Espresso- another gem of a coffee.

After our meal we just chilled out and soaked up the view. Unlike some other breakfast haunts, Dhow and Anchor are in no rush to see you out the door and we leisurely sipped away on our Espressos.


A nice spot to watch the Rugby

The meal came to AED 300 which is a pretty great deal considering the sheer amount of food we ordered. Bear in mind we each had 3 drinks, and had extra bacon on the side. The key thing to think about when you’re considering the price is Pork. You genuinely forget how great it tastes when you’re not eating it regularly.

To sum it up

Dhow and Anchor do a killer breakfast complete with a killer view. Ideal for a lazy morning fill up- this place is win-win.

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A nice finishing touch – tooth pics.

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