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Paul’s Cafe In A Nutshell

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I’ve visited a few different Paul’s Cafe branches since I’ve been living in Dubai and they always seems to be pretty jammers inside.

From what I’ve heard other people say about Paul’s – it seems to be somewhat of an institution here. There’s pretty much one everywhere you go so convenience wise it’s a good shout. This review is based on the last time I was there, at the one in the Burjuman Mall.

First impressions aren’t always that accurate..

As I’ve already mentioned, there’s always a good buzz around Paul’s. The interior definitely has the look and feel of a rustic French cafe and my initial impression of Paul’s was quite good. There’s plenty of space in between the tables and chairs – a lot more space here than the one in MOE.


Bread all the way from France, hardly

Coffee wise Paul’s definitely turn out a more than decent Americano. Their down fall comes when the food does. As soon as you order food you get a basket of “fresh” bread to occupy you until the mains arrive. Now, in my experience, this bread is rarely fresh and I’ve almost taken a tooth out trying to chow down on it. On this particular occasion I happened to say it to the waiter who responded by saying that it was French bread and that’s what French bread is like. They must have flown it in specially from France it was that stale.

I ordered the “Tomate Mozzarelle” sandwich. I only managed to force-feed myself half of it – it was that disappointing. Once again, the bread was rock solid. The wedges on the side were nice though and I ate most of them.

Along with the Americano, I washed everything down with some sparkling Badoit!


Overpriced chain cafe

The Sambo was AED 40, Coffee AED 17 and the water AED 18. Over all it cost AED 75 and if it wasn’t for the bubbles in the sparkling water, I would have been hungry leaving the place. To me, that’s a fair bit of cash to be spending on a mediocre meal.

The staff were pleasant enough. My only issue with them was that when I was paying my bill the waiter commented on how I didn’t eat my meal and asked if I’d enjoyed it. Being as nice as I could possibly be I told him that no I didn’t enjoy the meal. I still had to fork out the AED 75 though.

Now I’m not saying I’ll never go back but there’s a lot of places I’d much rather spend my money.


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