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Is This The Best Paleo Café In Town?

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If the words “healthy”, “paleo” and “organic” are music to your ears, then it’s time to dig out the GPS and head on over to The Cycle Hub Bistro. Seriously, whether you’re driving or biking, you’re going to need that GPS – it’s a little out of town, but well worth the journey.

Quirky, hipster and healthy, the venue is one of the coolest, guilt-free cafes I’ve come across in recent months, and it’s about time this hidden gem is uncovered.

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Despite being called The Cycle Hub, this place isn’t exclusively for cyclists. The café is buzzing with families, couples and chatty groups of friends. Visit on a weekday, and it’s the perfect place to enjoy a long breakfast or spot of lunch. On more than one occasion, I’ve brought a book along and escaped it all in the quiet café. On weekends, things are a bit livelier – it’s much more of a ‘visit in a group’ vibe.

The setting itself is unique. With bare concrete floors, a simple table-and-chair set up and quirky plant pots dotted around (as well as the obligatory bikes hanging from the walls), it feels like you’re dining in the hub’s workshop. But it’s the food that makes all the difference – and that’s really why we’re recommending this place.


The bistro offers some of the healthiest dishes you’ll find in Dubai. What I love about the food is that it’s 100% paleo, meaning: no wheat, no sugar. As if that wasn’t enough, all of the ingredients are unprocessed, natural and as organic as can be; it’s guilt-free dining at its best.

If you’re into big, hearty breakfasts then you have to try the organic free-range poached eggs with wilted kale, avocados and sweet potato hash (my absolute favourite dish). Or, if you’re craving a fulfilling, additive-free meal after a gruelling gym sesh, then you can’t go wrong with the prime grass fed beef fillet with button mushrooms, vine tomatoes and roasted shallots.

cyclehub food3
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The last time I visited The Cycle Hub, I was yearning for something sweet, so I ordered the paleo pancakes (made with almond flour) with caramelised banana, walnuts and maple syrup. I’d definitely recommend this for anyone struggling from chronic sweet tooth syndrome (come on, we’ve all been there).

cyclehub food1
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Prices and staff

For premium organic ingredients, I found the prices quite reasonable. My bill for two was AED 173 including one salmon fillet, one banana pancake, one sweet potato fries, and two smoothies (I was hungry).

There’s no two ways about it, the place needs more staff. Two waiters are simply not enough to cope with the sizeable number of customers, especially on busy weekends. Come on guys, get a few more people waiting tables o a Friday and Saturday!


If you want
to get your fill of healthy, delicious food without worrying about calorie counting, this is the place to be.Quirky setting, chilled vibes and top food – we’ll be back.


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