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Change Your Plans This Evening And Head To 7 Elephants In Emirates Financial Towers

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Every now and then a place opens that has a bit of everything. We’ve already written about 7 Elephants here, but strongly recommend that you don’t leave it too long to try.

It’s only a pity that it’s getting hot soon. In cities with more favorable summer climates, this place would be packed for the next five months straight and beyond. 

It’s outside with amazing views of Burj Khalifa, there are relaxing sofa’s or the option for dining tables or taller, smaller tables

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There are 7 different types of cuisine, signature cocktails, and shisha flavor

You’ll be surprised with how healthly the food is, even the rips come in lettuce, with hummus and pomegranate. 

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It’s got a great atmosphere, music will cool jungle-like interior and funky art

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The cost of the food is very affordable for DIFC and the prices of drinks go up and down depending on the demand

The Spanish and Mexican options are the most popular.

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When best to go?

There are plenty of times to go, lunch, just after work for a drink and shisha or later in the evening. I would recommend some food and they stay for the evening. 

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