Corporate Coaching Will Teach You More About Yourself (And Your Team) Than You Realise

And it's so important

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Corporate coaching is rapidly expanding, as workplaces put emphasis on corporate wellness, employee satisfaction and health, and it's no wonder.

Corporate coaching can help improve communication between team members, open up work flow, and help you create a healthy sense of teamwork.

Workplace wellness is a growing industry in other countries and is slowly coming to the table in Dubai - as employers place increasing value on their employees' wellbeing.

So it makes sense that activities like workshops for corporate coaching are emerging markets as they're rewarding activities for teams.

And you'll learn more about yourself than you may have realised is possible.

You'll learn about your company

About its ethos and values - and you'll learn more about your company structure.

Through question sessions, group dialogue and open forums - corporate coaching can help open the channels to ensure people are talking, understanding each other and how to best work together.

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You'll learn about your team mates

And how you interact with them - and how you might need to improve on those interactions.

Through group work, discussions and games, teams are shown what they need to work on, and what they do well.

Whether it's a big team, or a smaller one, interactive games will help you uncover what's going on - and get team members voicing their opinions.

There are also personality tests - to learn how teams can work more efficiently together. It's interesting to learn your colleagues' styles of working - their priorities, their methods, and how they prefer to operate, and understanding them - and they you - will help teams run more effectively.

And you'll learn about yourself

Interestingly, some of the most significant things learnt in these sessions was about our own selves.

How you, yourself - prefer to work through personality analysis, and how you work best with others may seem obvious but it's definitely not.

Through a test, and workshops, you'll discover how you prefer to work - what your priorities are and what your strengths and weaknesses are. You'll also learn how your colleagues are similar and different.

It's great to have information on how you work, to have tangible information on how to manage your work-style alongside others and how you can benefit from certain structure and prioritisation.

It's a fabulous investment

You'll come out of a session as a more together team, understanding each other and yourself better - and that will only make you work together more efficiently and create a happier work environment!

You can book sessions too

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