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MOTIONGATE Just Might Be The Most Underrated Attraction In Dubai

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This is not a paid post. 

Nor was I visiting MOTIONGATE park as a review or hosted whatsoever. I paid to go, on an impromptu day on the weekend, just because. 

As a giant kid, I love anything that means I don’t have to sit still, anything high energy, colourful and adventurous. 

And MOTIONGATE is all of these things. 

Motiongate Dubai Main Gate

It’s cheap to access

It’s AED195 for a two-park pass for any two of Dubai Parks’ options AND this deal is on the Entertainer app, making it AED195 for two of us for the two-park pass…so less than AED100 each.

 We didn’t even need to go to a second park because we had far too much fun at MOTIONGATE to want to go anywhere else. 

It’s empty 

Upon arrival at 3.30pm, on a Friday afternoon, the park was empty. There were a handful of people scattered throughout the park, and every ride had no queue. 

It wasn’t until after 7pm that there were any queues at all, meaning we could run from ride to ride, and not stop once. 

It’s cooler than you’d think (literally)

Because the park opens at 3pm, the heat of the day has faded and there are nice breezes. There are fans that spray water everywhere and all the queues for rides are indoors and air-conditioned.

Plus the entire of the Dreamworks section of the park is indoors and air-conditioned. 

Oh, and there are rides that will spray you with water to cool down. 

It’s beautiful

Okay, so when you walk in, it’s like a 1920s scene from New York, with crooner music playing over speakers, retro shop-fronts, lampposts and trees. 

You can almost forget you’re in the middle of the desert. 

Then you can head into the Dreamworks section to explore Shrek’s swamp, into an Asian village with Kung Fu Panda or go to a carnival with Madagascar or explore the old Hollywood style of the Columbia Pictures

It’s NOT just for kids

So I was surprised when I went, there are plenty of grown-up rides and entertainment. 

The whole park is kid-friendly, sure. But there are loads of things for adult-only groups to enjoy. 

Seriously, it’s full of high-octane rides, shows, nostalgic characters.

Zombieland will take your breath away

You can pose with some of the coolest characters in town

And the fastest, most thrilling ride of the park – the Madagascar roller coaster!

PLUS after your day out, you can meander through Riverland

And get a bite to eat, or a drink at Irish Village, The Coffee Club, Leopold’s Of London, Olive Garden, and dozens more – plenty of amazing outlets that are virtually empty too! 

It’s a beautiful Venetian style design, and has plenty of big-name outlets without the big queues. 

It’s a brilliant day out, and I almost feel remiss sharing this because I don’t want it to get busy during the summer months! 

But if you want a 10/10 day – hit up MOTIONGATE.

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