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This Posh Downtown Restaurant Is Now Doing Brunch And You Will Want To Try It Out ASAP!

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Novikov, a Pan Asian inspired restaurant and bar, located in the Sheraton Grand Hotel, has finally launched a new brunch and it’s proven to be worth the wait. 

Brunches are a-changin’

Dubai brunches are changing. The party sessions and group mentality of a celebration definitely still exist, and they’re still a way to let your hair down after a long week at work. It’s just that now, the more exclusive restaurants that refrained from hosting these gatherings are starting to do so, but in a more refined manner.

The focus is now less on all-you-can-drink, but more about the reasonably priced food (and being able to get all done up, minus the hangover the next day.)

What does Novikov’s brunch include?

Novikov is one of these venues. Its recently launched brunch combines an exclusive venue, with great food and a chilled out vibe. Brunch is every Friday, between 12 and 4 and there are three packages to choose from:

– Pei Mei, AED 370 per head

Includes soft drinks and Novikov Detoxers.

– Gugo Yubara, AED 490 per head

Includes house spirits, sommelier selections of wines and beers.

– O-Ren Ishii, AED 545 per head

Includes Champagne, house spirits, sommelier selection of wines and beers.

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Here are three reasons you should check out Novikov’s brunch:

1. The Food

The wagyu tacos were unexpected, but a great appetiser, really flavourful and cute! There was a wide selection of skewers, that were grilled in front of guests, and the beef ones were cooked perfectly. The dim sum and sushi were delicious but pace yourself so you’re not completely full by the time the mains arrive.

The Singapore noodles and chicken katsu were not the best in Dubai, but were still pleasant and the fish was huge. It looked really cool and a heads up, the portions are quite generous. Try to save space for afters, obvs.

The dessert counter looked enticing. There was a good variety with lots of amazing looking cakes. We got the waffle, smeared with Nutella, topped with nuts and fruit (gotta keep it healthy) and covered in caramel sauce.

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2. The Atmosphere

If you’re looking to wind down at the end of the week, it’s a great place to be. The crowd is made up of a cool mix of people, and for an exclusive restaurant, the vibe is surprisingly relaxed. There’s live music, and we were lucky enough to watch the ceremonial cutting of the biggest fish we have ever seen. Weird, but cool. 

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3. The Music

The brunch features live music and the singer had serious talent and proved to be an awesome cherry on top of the whole experience. 

In fact, this weekend, you’ll be able to attend Novikov Nights, where acoustic and electric violin duo, Sistermatic, will perform live in the opulent lounge bar.

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Just keep in mind though…

The brunch seems to jump between an a la carte menu and a buffet, which is slightly confusing, but it’s not a big enough reason not to go. Make sure you know what’s included to avoid any bill-related surprises.

You know what they say…

Like they say, the proof of the dim sum is in the eating, and it’s definitely worth stopping by and indulging. The price is a bit steep to make it a weekly thing, but it’s one of those places you can impress your guests at, especially if they’re foodies. It’s also just a nice way to treat yourself, if you needed an excuse. 

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