Sup Fit Hiit Classes Might Just Be The Best Way To Start Your Saturday

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Stand up paddle boarding is all the rage in Dubai, thanks to its Instagrammable aspects, the fitness, and Dubai's relatively calm seas.

So the next natural progression is SUP Fit right?

AKA fitness on a paddle board.

And it's an absolute cracker of a morning out.

Super SUP Fit is every Wednesday and Saturday morning at DRIFT Beach Dubai

And is a great way to start the day.

You'll be wobbling on your board, falling in the pool, laughing and all the while getting fit.

Think burpees, squats, mountain climbers and planking on a floating board (that's secured by ropes so you won't float away!).

The workout is 40 minutes of high intensity interval training

With four rounds of movements. The class will be over before you know it, and when we tried it, we burned 500 calories in just 40 minutes!

It's easy on your joints, and you can keep cool throughout, plus work on your tan!

AND it's Instagram-goals, so you may as well!

The deets

Super SUP Fit is every Wednesday and Saturday morning at 8am at DRIFT Beach, for AED120 per class.

Check for more info.