Wild Peeta Is The Home Grown Dubai Peeta Spot That 'Failed Publicly' - And Now It's BACK

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Getting a food business off the ground is not easy. Taking the ultimate decision to shut down on everything you've worked for is even harder. But coming back for a second time?

That's Wild Peeta.

This is the rare story of a home grown UAE resto, a local foodie concept that opened in 2009, grew to triple its size, shut down, the owners travelled the world and now Wild Peeta has reopened.

The long-held dream of Emirati co-owners Peyman and Mohamed Parham Al Awadhi, the comeback included crowd funding on Indiegogo (where supporters could pre-buy meals to help Wild Peeta get back on its feet) and partnering up with Freedom Pizza to make the dream a reality

Wild Peeta was 'a food revolution that failed'

When Wild Peeta started it was unique. Doing social media marketing before it was even a thing, they used Twitter to create a movement, involved the public in decisions, they were tweeting about their sandwiches before they even had a website and that kind of interaction is what formed the Wild Peeta connection with the public.

Three outlets, a loyal engaged fanbase, but still Wild Peeta couldn't cope with growing pains and was 'hemorrhaging money' when the brothers took the decision to shut in 2012.

But there were problems on the operations side and rising debt, and after a rapid expansion Wild Peeta was ultimately forced to shut.

Cue a break to travel the world - they asked fans to make their decisions and dictate what they did in each country

The YouTube hit Peeta Planet was born

Earlier this year, Wild Peeta tested the market once again

After only a few days on Indiegogo (where one keen supporter pledged AED2,500 to the business) they were contacted by a couple of potential investors.

Wild Peeta take two - it's as back to basics as you can get

In August 2018 - Wild Peeta reopened in Dubai. This time there's no eat-in option, for now it's just delivery and the guys have teamed up with Freedom Pizza to make the dream happen.

The partnership with Freedom Pizza is a brilliant move. This is the Dubai pizza spot that launched in 2015 and now has nine locations to its name and a reputation for a quality pizza. Freedom has a loyal fanbase (if you order from Freedom, you'll know why) and it's exactly they type of reputation and following that suits the Wild Peeta brand.

The focus is to deliver you a beautifully crafted peeta in a short space of time and make people happy with good food. Simples! The packaging is recycled and the goal is to eventually be plastic free.(Freedom Pizza was one of the first local spots to champion a 'plastic free UAE')

The Wild Peeta space is in Dubai Marina, right next to Freedom Pizza

Gone are the three outlets

The one thing you'll learn from spending any amount of time with Mohammed and Peyman is that they're total foodies at heart

The original idea behind Wild Peeta idea came from the dream of wanting to recreate the best shawarma they ate as kids and the new menu reflects their global travels.

Go for the Emirati biryani style peeta 'Thuraya's biriyani' or the 'reeminder,' a tribute to their favourite shawarma joint in Jordan. Each peeta is totally different, so treat yo' self and try them all.

Add fries (dosed with an Emirati spice blend) some homemade pomegranate sauce (or the green monster chili sauce if you feel like a SERIOUS kick) on the side.

Far from a traditional peeta, this comes with a lot less of the grease, it's made with quality produce and is a delish way to get your peeta fix.

You need to try this!

It's an inspirational entrepreneurial journey from a pair who have been through it all and come out the other side...Now taking orders

Find Wild Peeta in Marina Views, Dubai Marina

Order on the website or on Zomato

It's buy-one-get-one-free on peetas RN...RUN!

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