Dwight Yorke's Massive Rant Against Jose Mourinho On A Dubai Radio Has Led Man Utd To Send A WARNING To Their Ambassadors

All this because of a Dubai radio interview

Dwight Yorkes Rant Against Jose Mourinho On Dubai Radio Triggers Man Utd To Send Out A Warning Email To Their Ambassadors

Former Manchester United striker and current paid ambassador Dwight Yorke is not a big fan of the club's manager Jose Mourinho.

This became apparent after he went on a rant against Mourinho on Dubai Eye radio with Chris McHardy back in May.

When Chris asked him whether he felt Man City boss Pep Guardiola would have won the title if he was managing the current squad, his response was: "I think they would definitely win the league because they are on the front foot, playing attacking football. Any manager who has got the riches of players they have playing on the front foot will win more games than they lose. It’s not rocket science."

You can jog your memory and listen to his scathing response below

And now it seems, this interview has been taken very seriously by officials within the club who have gone into damage control mode.

All the paid ambassadors of the club have been asked to lay off with Mourinho's criticism.

According to Daily Mail, ambassadors including Dwight Yorke, Andy Cole, Bryan Robson and Denis Irwin have received a CURT email from the club urging them 'to be careful' when speaking to the media.

Chris McHardy from Dubai Eye also tweeted about the entire issue with a cheeky caption

All because of a Dubai radio interview, people!

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