Money Kicks Got The WHOLE Team Of Man United To Hang Out At His Place And Of Course We Aren't Jealous

However, the spotlight was on something else entirely

Money Kicks

So, Dubai's most famous rich kid AKA Money Kicks hosted Manchester United team at his place.....or in other words, just a regular Thursday for Rashed Belhasa. 

I mean the kid just bought himself a new Rolls Royce worth $350,000 for his b'day....and he is only 18 for crying out loud. 

Meanwhile, we are happy getting a free ice cream at McDonald's TBH...

His new car

So apart from living his best life, he also hung out with the whole crew of Manchester United at his house. NBD

The team is currently in Dubai for some warm weather training and they seem to be really having a blast in the Emirate. 

Money Kicks and Man Utd team kicking it together

However, the STAR of the event was Money Kick's favourite animal...a cute little white tiger

In fact, players Paul Pogba and Jesse Lingard were so besotted by the cub, they were spotted feeding milk to the infant cat

The team's escape for some winter warmth is going rather well in Dubai and here's what they have been up to...

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