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5 Ways Tech Gadgets Can Improve Your Life

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As technology grows and evolves, so does life in the UAE. 

And technology is designed to make life easier and more efficient. 

With the launch of Microsoft’s new Surface Pro, it got everyone thinking – these things can help everyone get so much more out of life. 

Here’s how.

1. You can unleash your creativity 

Often trying to be creative can be difficult if you don’t have the right tools – you don’t always have coloured pens, beautiful materials and colours at hand. 

Thankfully you don’t need them any more with the Surface Pro’s amazing creator studio – you can draw, paint, write, squiggle to your heart’s content in thousands of different colours and textures – letting your creative juices flow. (Without any clean up necessary!). 

Screen Shot 2017 09 09 At 7 55 34 Pm

2. You can be productive on the go 

You don’t have to worry about lugging a heavy laptop around with you when you have a tablet like a Surface Pro. This device has all the functionality of a laptop without the bulkiness of one, meaning you can take it in your bag, everywhere and be ready for anything. 

Plus Surface Pro comes fully equipped with Windows 10, and all the Office capabilities so you can work and play on it. 

Screenshot 2017 09 17 20 42 15

3. Less clutter – more space 

With multi-functionality of devices, it means you need less objects. The Surface Pro has amazing speakers in it, so you don’t need to buy bluetooth speakers, it has computer capabilities, it’s a blank canvas for art, a camera, and so much more all in the lightest-weight design on the market. 

The Surface Pro can convert from a tablet, to a laptop, or in studio mode, for ultimate functionality. 

Screenshot 2017 09 17 20 42 46

4. Entertainment 

Everyone loves watching a bit of tv or a movie, and with the emerging tech in retina displays, it’s getting easier, and more clear with every device that comes out. 

With 13.5 hours of battery life, and a 12.3” PixelSense™ Display, the Surface Pro means you can watch hours of videos in crystal-clear definition. 

The device comes with a pressure sensitive ‘pen’ that acknowledges a whopping 4,096 levels of pressure, thereby making an incredible inking experience.

Plus if you’re playing games, or doing design, the screen has the same pressure sensitivity levels, meaning it can work with your movement. 

Screenshot 2017 09 17 20 43 16

5. A better carbon footprint 

Given the pressure points and touch-sensors of the Surface Pro, you can use it as a computer, but also as a notepad, with hand-written notes. This means you won’t have to use excess paper on scribbles, note-taking or anything – it can all be stored in the one place – on your Surface Pro. 

Screenshot 2017 09 17 20 43 42

Price and availability…

Prices start at AED4,499 for the Surface Pro including the type cover and will be available for consumers to buy here or from major electronics retailers across the UAE and for commercial buyers here.

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