Etisalat And Du Have Blocked A Petition To Bring Back Skype And Residents Are Not Happy

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When Skype was blocked in the UAE just over two weeks ago, many residents were upset and frustrated.

The news came, and Etisalat quickly came offering alternatives - though at a fee - for residents to use instead. 

Many comments, tweets and posts were made that shared the frustration of residents that Skype was blocked. 

Frustrated customers took to to voice their anger is a site where users can create online petitions which can be signed by the public.

Until recently there appeared to be no issues with the petition website and its accessibility from the UAE.

However some residents in the UAE noticed that the site has just recently been blocked - within the past 48hours. 

The petition that people suspect is to blame is titled: "UAE: Stop Blocking VOIP Service" 

The petition was started by a resident M.A at the beginning of January.

Thousands of residents quickly began signing it before, perhaps worried, internet providers in the UAE blocked the entire site preventing anymore disgruntled customers from adding their voice to the complaint. 

Change Org Skype
Skype Change Org

Residents are not happy

Feeling the pressure from customers

Etisalat made a statement on the block

And said Skype is blocked as it's an unlicensed provider. 

But at least someone is finding the humour in it all

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