5 Wicked Gadgets That Are Perfect Presents For Christmas

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Christmas is rapidly approaching, and let's be honest - most of us have everything. It's impossible to buy for some people because they have all they want and need, and basically just buy whatever they want for themselves - so what do you get them? 

Easy answer - create a need they didn't even know they had. 


Here are a few awesome gadgets that are perfect for the person who has errything. 

1. Apple Watch 

These ridiculously smart watches are so much more than just telling the time. They're addictive when you need to reach your daily steps or stand goals, will track your progress, can take phone calls on them and will even remind you to breathe. 

The dream! 

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2. HP Sprocket 

These guys are IDEAL for the Insta-lovers and people who love a good photo. These mini-printers allow you to edit pics, print them out and stick them everywhere - so you can print out all your happy snaps and share them with friends. 

They're wallet sized too so are super convenient. 

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3. Microsoft Surface Pro 

The new Microsoft Surface Pro is the ultimate in unleashing creativity. With all the functionality of a laptop, without having the bulkiness of one, you can take this light-weight device everywhere you go. 

Plus, it's ideal for design and arts thanks to its gorgeous pen that has 4,096 levels of pressure.

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4. General Mobile GM6

For those wanting the functionality of a smart phone without the huge price tags, look no further than the GM6 by General Mobile. 

It's new in the Middle East and is a super-durable and light-weight phone with micro-USB support, gorilla glass and a selfie camera with a FLASH! (perfect for the Instagrammers among us). 

Gm6 Gold Front

5. Ultimate Ears bluetooth speakers 

Waterproof, bluetooth speakers are great for travellers, partiers, athletes and everyone in between. 

These bad-boys are easily portable and boy oh boy do they go loud. 

Megaboom Red

So go shopping for them! Or yourself... or get both - we won't judge!