A New App Means You Can Video Chat With Doctors Rather Than Go To Clinics

You'll NEVER have to leave the house :D

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A new app on the UAE market is making life easier for sick people.

'Health At Hand' is an app that means you can VIDEO CHAT with doctors, rather than go into the clinic. THE dream.

No one likes that steriliser-smell and the weird people in the waiting rooms.

It'll cost you AED250 per year, which is A LOT cheaper than going to and from a clinic and all that, right!?

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And the docs are all UAE-based

And DHA certified - so you know you can trust them.

The founders of 'Health at Hand' explain: "Post the call, a full doctor’s report is made available to the patient within minutes, detailing the doctor’s treatment recommendations and medication advice, including if they need to see a doctor in person at a local clinic of their choice."