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Instagram Has Removed The Creepy ‘Following’ Feature And Twitter Users Have Mixed Opinions

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A lot of Instagram users woke up today, completely surprised because the notable ‘following’ feature on Instagram had been removed.

The ‘following’ feature had been revered by some as somewhat of a ‘creepy’ add-on to the social media app, allowing users to see what their followers/following list is up to. This means being able to see what another user has liked, from photos to videos- to seeing who they’ve just recently followed.

Twitter is known for having a mixed bag of honest opinions- and users did NOT keep hushed on the matter.


Denial was the first stage for some Insta users

Others were glad this ‘creepy’ feature’s now done and dusted

The proud stalkers are NOT having it

Others had a different definition to its ‘stalkery’ feel


More denial..

You can no longer stalk your crush/bae’s shady IG activities

But the ultimate mood, would have to be this:

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