A Local Art Production Company Created This Epic National Day VR Video And It Went Viral

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Lovin stumbled across this video created for UAE National Day and it's pretty epic.

Created by a local company, the response to the patriotic virtual reality footage was phenomenal, and you can see why.

The video, which racked up an incredible 84,000 views, takes you through some of the UAE's greatest feats, from its inception in 1971, to major architectural achievements and the attractions that make the UAE what it is today...

This is the video causing all the fuss; all you need to do is follow the flag (but watch out, you might actually get dizzy!)

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The reaction to the locally created video was overwhelmingly positive

The feeling was mutual across the board...

The company is proud of its local roots and even the name boasts national pride

212 = 2nd of December, UAE National day...Get it?

212 Art Production is a local company founded by Mr. Sinan Abdelhadi & Mr. Michael Naguib. 

Say hello! These are the guys working on the projects behind the scenes

An anchor for VR in the region, they create innovative solutions which enable us to visualize the present and future of the UAE and beyond.

The company is open for collaborations, similar to this awesome 360 sunset time-lapse taken at JBR

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The rest of their portfolio looks equally slick

You can get a full rundown on the range of services and portfolio on the 212 Art Production website

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