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TEP Factor Is A Brain Teaser Mixed With An Obstacle Course And Some Arcade Games And It’s The Best Afternoon You’ll Have

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Escape rooms are experiencing quite the trend in the UAE at the mo, with plenty opening up – and fun-loving residents flocking to them to test their wit.

But TEP Factor is more than just an escape room.

It’s a whole different game.

You’re not ransacking a room to find some batteries to put in a remote to unlock the next clue – rather, you’re presented with a mix of physical, logical and skill challenges and you need to go for the high score.

And it’s a total hoot.

You’re put on a timer in a group of two-six and then have to complete each different room

But if you get stuck – you can move onto a different room, there are 21 rooms to work through, and they’re categorised by skill, logic, fitness and patience.

You can move on to other rooms, and then double back on yourself once you want to try one of the other rooms again, so it’s never boring and you don’t really get stuck in one place.

Wear your activewear, you’ll be gasping for air – climbing, swinging, running, jumping and trying to beat the other teams.

It’s great (or terrible) for team building – depending on your team

But it’s a great afternoon out, testing your wit and fitness, and racing against the clock will get your adrenaline pumping – it’s exercise without even realising it!

It’ll cost you AED80 per person, per hour on weekdays and AED100 per person, per hour on weekends.

Highly recommended!

Book your spot at tepfactor.ae.

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