The CEO Of Apple Made A Surprise Visit To Mall Of The Emirates Today And People Barely Noticed

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It terms of the biggest companies in the world, Apple are right up there. Currently number two behind Alphabet (Google) by market capitalisation and number twelfth in revenue terms. They are also one of the most recognisable brands, if not the most, in the world. So it's fair to say that Tim Cook, CEO and successor to Steve Jobs is by default, an incredibly high profile figure.

He doesn't come to Dubai often, indeed it's his first visit since the store opened in MOE late last year. By all accounts the store is a huge success.

Cook's visit today on a stopover on the way back from India was a big surprise. That may explain why there was little fan fare around today's visit, when only lucky shoppers that happened to be in the store at the the store were able to meet him. The countless Apple fans in Dubai will be sorry to have missed this!

He tweeted with a few pictures about the 'quick visit'

Tim Cook in Mall of the Emirates spotted by some shoppers

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