10 Reasons The 14-Hour Flight To Brisbane Is TOTALLY Worthwhile For Your Next Vacation

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Australia is quite a way away from most of the rest of the world, and being such a large country means people don't always get to see all of it... case in point - I'm an Australian who hasn't visited Adelaide, the Whitsundays or Tasmania. 

But it's such a worthwhile country to visit, and it can become overwhelming to decide WHICH city to go to. 

Well, let this Aussie help you out. 

When many think of Australia, it's straight to Sydney or Melbourne - but what about the city with the best weather? Brisbane! 

Brisbane is a 14-hour direct flight from DXB, it's located in South-East Queensland, about half-way up the Australian east coast. 

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1. The weather 

Brisbane is a mild climate, rarely getting cooler than 15 or hotter than 35-40. Plus the seasons are the opposite of everywhere else, so you can head there during summer in Dubai to escape the heat.

2. The Brisbane River

The majority of the city-centre is designed around the Brisbane river, making for some spectacular views of the towers. Plus, you can hitch a ride on the public transport ferries - City Cats, to see it all from the river.

3. There are some of the most amazing gardens and parklands - including the Botanical Gardens, the Roma Street Parklands and Southbank

4. And while we're on the topic of Southbank...

There are free public pools overlooking the river, beautiful outdoor spaces and free live performances and AMAZING restaurants 

5. It's a short drive to some of the best theme parks in the Southern Hemisphere 

The Gold Coast is home to Dreamworld, Movieworld, Seaworld, White Water World, Wet and Wild and some of the best beaches in the country.

6. And a short drive from Australia Zoo, Steve Irwin's legacy 

Where you can get amongst native Australian animals and see some amazing shows!

7. Riverfire

Sure Dubai's got fireworks, but Brisbane has one of the most epic displays with the annual event Riverfire. 

The synchronised fireworks display happens all down the Brisbane River so everyone can see it, and it's coordinated to live music which is broadcast on a local radio station - it will take your breath away.

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8. It's also the home of Moreton Bay - a huge national park and island you can CAMP ON 


9. You can climb the infamous Story Bridge 

Which offers panoramic views of the city and its surrounds

10. Brisbane is home to street markets and festivals galore, from the Seafood Fest, to West End night markets, Rocklea markets, farmers markets. Bliss

Whether you like eating, shopping, flowers, music, art or basically anything - there is a market for it in Brisbane, and it's most likely hosted in a stunning venue.


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