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10 Reasons Why You NEED To Visit The UK This Summer

As if 25% off economy flights isn't enough...

While it can't be denied we've got major love for this city, summer is well and truly on it's way so there's no better time for a little vacay.

There are so many reasons to visit...

Aside from the fact that from now 'til May 18 you can get 25% off economy flights with Virgin Atlantic 

 All you have to do is call 04 406 0600 and quote 'Lovin Dubai' to get the deal (T & C’s apply).

 The value of the sterling is really low right now too, so you're getting a trip to the UK at a steal of a price.

Here are 10 more amazing reasons to visit the UK this summer

1. Glastonbury, Bestival, Wilderness... festivals in the UK are the best in the world

Did you really summer if you didn't hit one of these?

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2. Watching a show at the West End is bucket list material

And there are 85 showing at any given time!

3. There are hundreds of remote little villages for you to explore 

And they're all ADORABLE

4. Or better yet, a surf trip on the coast will suit the more adventurous folk

5. A Sunday roast at an English countryside pub is the stuff dreams are made of

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6. You can visit the ACTUAL spot where platform 9 and 10 divide

Harry Potter fans, this one's for you!

7. The architecture of the old universities will be unlike anything you've ever seen before

8. And a day punting on the river is the most British day you will ever have

And it screams Bridget Jones!

9. You can stock up on EVERYTHING you need in the one store Dubai is truly lacking


10. And nothing beats a simple picnic in the park on days like this

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Casey Fitzgerald

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