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14 Reasons Zagreb Absolutely Needs To Be The Next City Break You Take

This time of the year, Europe is one of the most popular destinations for people based in the Middle East. The hot holiday spots are the usual suspects once again this year, Ibiza, Mykonos or the Almafi Coast in Italy. Those looking for something slightly different are going with Dubrovnik and Hvar in Croatia, evident by making more regular appearances in Dubai Instagram feeds each year. 

In addition to holiday trips, summer city breaks in Europe are also on most people's wish lists. Again, it's Barcelona, Rome, Amsterdam, and even Prague. 

Again, for a difference, Zagreb, in Croatia, is fast emerging as a nice little spot for  a city break too. Emirates have just opened a route there and you need to go before heading onto the coast anyway, so here are are few reasons why it's worth a stop off.. 

1. There is as much history in this little City as there is tea in China

Ready for a crash course? Zagreb was part of the Roman empire, it was ruled by the Greeks, it was then for many years part of the Austrian Hungarian empire. That was until World War One. It then became part of Yugoslavia, which was a monarchy. Until, you know, World War Two. It was then occupied by a communist leader Tito for about four decades, until the country broke up in many pieces, and many wars. Yugoslavia is now six countries (Bosnia and Herzegovina, Croatia, Macedonia, Montenegro, Serbia and Slovenia). Croatia, of which Zagreb is the capital, became an independent country in 1991. 


2. It's a European City, think more Vienna than Leipzig

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3. The've got a swank new Airport that just opened a few months ago - coincidence that Emirates have started flying there?

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4. The've got restaurants seating in the middle of the streets like Barcelona

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5. The Zagreb night life is very vibrant and they've got a street party called Strossmatre that runs all summer

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6. If you're into football, Dinamo Zagreb play here in a 35,000 seater stadium, the place where many stars of European football made their names

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7. The new mayor has a thing for fountains, and while locals will complain he could be spending tax payers money in a better way, they do look pretty!

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8. They claim inventor Nicola Tesla as one of their own, not that the Serbs agree, saying his mum was a Croat, and you'll see a statue or two 


9. There are plenty of open spaces and beautiful parks for walking and running around

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10. It isn't short of culture, there are plenty of Museums with the Museum of Broken Relationships being so popular it's toured world wide

Details here.

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11. There is a pretty epic mountain trek from the old fort to the TV tour at about 1,000 meters, where you can have lunch and look over the other side of the city

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13. The model of the city on display in the main square has a very Game of Thrones look about it

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14. Last but not least, the Zagreb Cathedral, one of many churches is this holy city, was rebuilt since being destroyed in an 1880 earthquake

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