25 Things All Irish People Miss When They Move To Dubai

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It may be a small country but that does not mean Ireland doesn't have a lot to offer.

As every Irish expat knows there are certain things that are unique to the little island and as much as you may love the UAE there are some things that you will always miss.

Of course everyone misses their family and friends but what about all the other things that make Ireland home? 

Surprisingly, to those not lucky enough to come from the Emerald Isle, it's a lot more than shamrocks and leprechauns.

1. Deli

The jambons. Sausage rolls. Wedges. 

There isn't a greater sight in the world than a deli counter full of these delicious creations.


Said to cure any ailment Lucozade has magical revival properties.

It may have received some hate recently because of a recipe change but we won't hold that against you forever. 

You were always there when we needed you the most, mostly after a rough night, and for that we will be eternally grateful.

(P.S Original is the only one worth drinking)

3. Taytos

There is no crisp in the world that can compete with Tayto.

Two slices of bread and a bag of Tayto et voila, a classic Irish dish.

And the fact that it has it's own park is proof enough of how important Taytos are to us Irish.

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4. Taxi Drivers

If you've never gotten into a taxi and asked "Busy tonight?" then you aren't truly Irish.

Irish taxi drivers are a unique bunch, with tales to tell and wise words to share, you never really know what you're going to end up talking about. 

You just can't get the same banter from the RTA or Careem drivers here.

5. Chinese food

Like most things, the Irish have taken Chinese food and adapted it to their own liking.

You cannot get a 3-in-1 here in Dubai, although many have tried.

6. Chicken Fillet Rolls

An Irish delicacy that, unfortunately, cannot be recreated outside of an Irish deli.

Butter or mayo?

Spicy or plain?

Will I cut it in half?

7. Tea

No-one knows how to make a decent cup of tea like the Irish and there isn't a problem that can't be solved over a cup of tea. 

Rumour has it you'll be kicked out of the country if you refuse a cup.

And of course there are only two choices of tea, Barrys or Lyons. The debate has raged on for generations passed, and will continue for many more.

8. Penneys

You go in for a pair of socks and you leave with seven bags of happiness and it only cost you €20.

9. The local papers

Where else are you going to find out all the local news?

Sitting down with your cup of tea and having a look to see who you might know.

Grabbing the Sunday paper after mass was a ritual.

10. Your mom's dinners

It's simple, no one cooks a dinner like an Irish mother, especially your mam.

11. Irish radio

As much as we love Kris Fade and the gang or Harry & Pricey and all the other brilliant radio hosts in Dubai, you can't beat the likes of Ray D'Arcy and Ian Dempsey.

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12. Spice bag

Another Irish delicacy, the famous spice bag.

Yet to be recreated in the Middle East, everyone is missing out.

13. The village gossip

Something you claim to hate but at the same time you want to know exactly what happened between Mary from down the road and Tom from the post office.

While you may love being away from it because you can't be the subject of the gossip, your mam still fills you in during her weekly calls.

14. Fresh air

The heat is nice and all but nothing beats stepping off the plane in Ireland and taking that first deep breath, filling your lungs with clean fresh, albeit cold, air.

15. Brown bread

Anything to be said for a bit of brown soda bread?

Bitta butter? Some jam?

16. The chipper

We've searched Dubai for the ultimate chipper and while some come close there are none that can replicate the taste of an Irish chipper.

Who knew you could get chips so wrong?

17. The accent

Yes, there are Irish people in Dubai, but you're not surrounded by the Irish accent all of the time.

There's a reason it's constantly voted as people's favourite accent.

Although, the stronger accents, like this poor farmer who lost his sheep, might not be missed as much.

18. The local pub

While McGettigans and Fibbers come close they're not the exact same as your local Irish pub. 

19. Cadburys chocolate

Yes, it's here in Dubai.

No, it is definitely not the same.

20. The fire

There's a level of cosiness that can only be achieved by an open fire/stove.

Swapping it for air conditioning is tough transition.

21. The Late Late Show

Friday night, fire lit, Chinese takeaway en route, penneys finest pyjamas and the main man Ryan Tubridy on the tv. 

What's not to love?

22. Small talk

The Irish love small talk.

With the shopkeeper, the postman, the neighbour, at the school gates. Whoever you meet you're likely to strike up a short conversation.

Usually about the weather.

23. Green

Everything here is beige. 

You've swapped green fields, wild flowers and rugged coastlines for sand, sand  and more sand.

24. Everyone understanding your name

If you are blessed with a beautiful Irish name, then be prepared to hear it in every pronunciation possible and rarely correct.

You'll soon learn to adapt to an easier version of your name when ordering food and making reservations.

25. The craic

For those who do not know, the 'craic' is the unique Irish term used to define the fun or  banter enjoyed by all.

The good thing about the craic is that it can be replicated around the world. Wherever you find a group of Irish people you can be sure to have the craic.

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