27 Reasons Why You Have To Visit Jordan Right Now

The greatest little country in the world

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Jordan is a country that is steeped in history, it dates back to 90,000 BC and gained independence 70 years ago. It is known for the historic sites, the landmarks and being the destination of movies such as Indiana jones and the martian. However, a trip here tells so much more.

From the moment you get to the airport, you see what an impressive structure it is, to the friendly taxi man, the the traditional Jordanian food, to serene beige buildings that blend into the sandy red landscape, to the pretty narrow cobble stoned streets, to the traditional arabic restaurants.

It’s not a country that has a lot to say, you won’t find many people who dislike Jordan. If it was a tennis player it would be Roger Federer, so much class, never boastful and rarely disappoints. A county with a clear identity, and one that is easy to fall in love with. Here are 27 reasons you need put Jordan on your list of holiday plans.

1. Mansaf

This amazing dish is one of the best things you will ever eat in your life.

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2. Rainbow Street

The cafes, the food, the people and the general bustling atmosphere here make this an incredible street to visit

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3. The People Are The Friendliest In The World 

You'll not find a more welcoming race

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4. Queen Rania 

Love all over the world for her wonderful work and even has a great Twitter account.

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5. Despite What You Think It Is Super Safe 

There may be regional chaos but you wouldn't know it from being in Jordan. A super safe place to visit.

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6. The Dead Sea

It really is true that you can float in this incredible sea.

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7. Wadi Rum

The largest wadi in Jordan and one of the most impressive places to visit on this planet

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8. Petra 

A historical and archaeological city that looks like something straight out of a movie set.

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9. Knafeh

A cheese pastry soaked in sweet, sugar-based syrup that is absolutely delicious

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10. Indiana Jones Was Shot There

Not surprising when you walk around looking at the country that one of the most iconic movies of all time was filmed here.

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11. The Lowest Point On Earth Is In Jordan

It's 420 meters below sea level and close to the dead sea.You can't go any lower on earth.

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12. Jordan Is Known For Football

From Prince Ali bin Al Hussein at Fifa, through to Harry Redknapp managing the national team and visiting stars this is a true home for football lovers. The Prince has been President of the Jordan Football Association (Since 1999) and President of the West Asian Football Federation (Since 2000), he is also bringing the FIFA for women under 17 to Jordan this September.

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13. A Stunning World Class Airport 

A beautiful building and a great place to spend time which is unusual to say for an airport.

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14. Camping In Desert

The perfect way to get away from our uber connected world and back to basics.

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15. Even The Mud Here Is Good For You

Known all over the world for the rejuvenating effect on the body.

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16. Scuba Diving

Many people think of Egypt when it comes to diving but Jordan is every bit as good if not better.

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17. Nowhere Is Ever Further Than 5 Hours Away

Jordan is a small country packed with amazing sights which means you can see everything without covering huge distances

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18. Even The Animals Here Are Friendly

Look at them!

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19. The Landscape

Never has a country been made to look as visually stunning as Jordan

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20. Amazing Shisha Cafes 

Kick back and chat with good friends while enjoying the cafe culture and watching the world go past.

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21. Amazing Weather

The mix of the dry dessert air with the Mediterranean influence makes this some of the best weather you'll ever experience.

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22. Lots Of Religious History 

Jordan has been blessed with a rich religious history. Located between Mecca al-Mukarrama, the holiest place on earth for Muslims, and al-Quds (Jerusalem), which is sacred to each of the three great monotheistic religions.

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23. The King's Highway Might Be The Most Beautiful Drive In The World

The changing scenery and amazing sights make this one of the world's great drives

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24. Aqaba

The perfect place to get away from it all at the Red Sea. Has some incredible dive sites.

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25. Rome Away From Rome

The Romans spent a lot of time here which means some incredible sights to visit and experience history.

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26. Jordanian Bread

So many different types and absolutely delicious.

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27. Probably The Best Country In The World

You'll never visit a better country. If you are lucky enough to live there you'll know all this already

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