6 Reasons Why A Trip To Oman Should Be On Your Holiday Calendar This Year


With a flight time of just one hour and five minutes and as many as 18 flights available per day to Muscat (and the option of a road trip as well), there's no reason why one must not take a trip to Oman.

It's pretty rich in culture, offers varied landscapes (think mountains, deserts, beaches) and you can try out loads of different activities (trekking, camping, dolphin-watching). 

Here are six reasons why you should visit Oman:

1. Muscat

Surrounded by mountains and desert, Muscat is a blend of old and new. Think forts such as Mirani and Jalali, as well as high-rises and shopping malls.

The Sultan Qaboos Grand Mosque is a stunning piece of architecture

A photo posted by Foad Khelghati (@fotofef) on

A photo posted by Foad Khelghati (@fotofef) on

Take a guided tour of the Royal Opera House to admire its beauty and understand Omani culture

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2. Khasab

Dubbed as the 'Norway of Arabia', Khasab is admired for its mountainscapes and fjord-like inlets. The city was built by the Portuguese as a shelter from tough seas and a supply point for dates and water for their ships. Three dams protect it from floods.

​Take a tour cruise along Oman Fjords. Snorkeling is highly recommended

3. Salalah

Salalah is popular for its beaches, banana plantations and waters full of sea life. The desert becomes a lush green landscape when the Khareef monsoon sets in each year. At that time you can also spot seasonal waterfalls. 

​Mughsail Beach boasts some pretty incredible views

The Marneef Caves are known for its blowholes that form as sea caves grow landwards and upwards

Visit the Frankincense Land Museum for a lesson in the city's maritime history and spice trade

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4. Sur

Southeast of the Muscat, Sur was an important point for sailors and the sea is still vital to life there.

Wadi Shab promises adventure and great photographs

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5. Nizwa

This ancient city is on a plain that's known for its seasonal rivers and palm plantations. 

Panoramic photographers will love the views from the well-preserved 17th century Nizwa Fort's tower

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Take home lovely antiques from Nizwa Souk, but make sure you bargain with vendors

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Jebel Akhdar is an example of nature at its best

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6. Sohar

The ancient capital of the country was once an Islamic port town that has been credited as the mythical birthplace of fictional character Sindbad the Sailor.

Sohar Fort is currently being renovated, but you can take a walk around it and then head to the nearby beach

The Wakan Village is the best way to see how locals live

Main pic credit: Everyday Oman

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