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Amman Needs To Be Next On Your Weekend Vacay List So You Can Do These 7 Things

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Amman, the capital of Jordan, is a stunning city that houses both the history of the ancient ruins yet the thriving culture of the modern world.

Its historical landmarks dating back to the ancient Roman times, with the Temple of Hercules right at its heart.

And it is also just a 3-hour+ flight from Dubai.

If you’ve been thinking of visiting but don’t know why, let us give you just a few reasons so you can get down to booking, packing and GOING!

1. Read a book or take some selfies while floating in the Dead Sea

The Dead Sea – bordering Israel, the West Bank and Jordan – is a salt lake whose banks are more than 400m below sea level, the lowest point on dry land. Its famously hypersaline water makes floating easy, and its mineral-rich black mud is used for therapeutic and cosmetic treatments at area resorts. The surrounding desert offers many oases and historic sites.

2. Go on a day trip to Petra from Amman (it’s worth it!)

There IS so much history throughout Jordan and Petra is one of the most prominent places to witness this. On top of the mountain of Al-Madbah is the ancient city of Petra, which historians have suggested had early settlers from 9,000 BC to the Nabatean Kingdom.

Petra was very close in proximity to one of the busiest and most significant trading routes of the Middle East, but its beauty hasn’t gone rough since.

This is a MUST-visit for every world traveller, at least once in their lives.

3. Check out the old cafés and restos at Rainbow Street

This ENTIRE street will have you seeing falafel shops, restos, old cafés from the ’60s and even several pubs.

It is QUITE the atmosphere.

4. Wadi Rum will take you back in time!

This 720-km protected desert wilderness is located in the South of Jordan and is a few hour trips out of Amman. Many end up flocking to see this from the capital due to its INCREDIBLE landscapes.

Some say that the watering hole of Lawrence’s Spring was also named after Lawrence of Arabia himself, who reputedly washed there.

Can you imagine waking up to THIS?

Experience the pure silence of the desert by the Jebel Um Ishrin and Burdah Rock Bridge or gaze at the pre-historical rock carvings from way back when.


5. Try the FOOD aka MANSAF, mansaf and more mansaf

You won’t regret it.

Jordanians have the best, most-appetising range of meat with rice dishes and when in Amman, take advantage!

Other Jordanian dishes not to miss out on are: kibbeh bi laban, maqluba and kabsa.

6. Try the BEST falafel in Amman at Hashem Falafel

Locals and visitors alike SWEAR by it.

Head down to King Faisal Street and get ready for your life to change.

Or try Falafel Al Quds at Rainbow Street

7. Fashionistas, splurge on yourself at Souk al-Bukharia

Tourists will get a knack out of the antiques, jewellery and other FAB souvenirs here.

There’s nothing like a good souk photo-op and bargain to really start a trip.

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