#BoycottDelta Is Trending And The Tweets Are Hilarious

'Delta Can I sneeze in Arabic? Like Atchoolamalikum?'

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Following yesterday's incident involving Adam Saleh and a Delta Airways flight where the YouTube star was forced to leave a plane before take off for speaking arabic, the internet as erupted. Saleh has since stared a trending topic with #BoycottDelta. Many online commentators mention how hight Etihad and Emirates rate on the world's top airlines in comparison to their US counterparts. Indeed, Saleh actually mentioned on his video that he was just on an Emirates flight and received much different treatment. We know he is a big fan of Dubai and look forward to when he is here next. 

People are trolling Delta and the results are hilarious


Good luck to the person managing Delta's social media 

Here is the full vlog on YouTube after Adam Saleh eventually gets to New York

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