Shocking Footage Shows An Emirates A380 Getting 'Thrown Around' In Severe Wind Conditions

You just KNOW there was a slow-hand clap at the end of this

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An Emirates A380 battled severe winds to land safely in Birmingham Airport, UK this week.

Minutes before it, another plane diverted its approach due to the wind strength, according to Flugsnug, a YouTube channel devoted to reporting airline activity.

The Emirates aircraft was the only one to land successfully at the time, descending somewhat smoothly in comparison to earlier flights.

The video titled 'Trial by turbulence - A380 thrown around but gets through' has already received over 130k views in just two days

The world's largest plane was toyed with by the wind

"The only time I've seen the world's largest plane toyed-with by severe weather, and in particular windshear which caused other flights to abort the approach."

The Easyjet A320 simply didn't try again and diverted away. This was a day when the wind grew stronger as it moved towards crosswind direction, finally erupting as shown here. The runway having been drenched minutes earlier, the avalanche of reverse thrust spray capped the Emirates giant's performance"

Reported by Flugsnug

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