This EXTRA Diamond-Encrusted Emirates Plane Has Bedazzled Everyone Over The Internet

"Presenting the Emirates 'Bling' 777"

Emirates Bling

Talk about our love for all things new and shiny!

A blingtastic Emirates 'Bling' 777 was revealed by the airline on its social pages and the picture has since gone VIRAL.

A diamond/crystal encrusted Boeing 777? Yes please!

"Presenting the Emirates 'Bling 777" the caption read

With Dubai's penchant for everything glamours and glittering, this plane fits right in.

However, it's NOT real and is an artwork created by a Pakistan-based crystal artist Sara Shakeel.

The former Doctor-turned-artist's Instagram page is filled with some SPARKLY creations

And Emirates liked the image so much, they even upgraded her flight from Pakistan to Milan.

In fact on Facebook itself, the image was liked by 82.7k times and shared by 31.5k people. WOW!

The artwork has made people go like...

Well, there's no harm hoping!

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