Lucky Emirates Employees Are Getting A Big Bonus This Month

The airline just recorded an incredible financial year

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Today is a great day to be working at Emirates.

Not only did the company just report substantial profits, a testament to the hard working staff, but it's been announced all Emirates staff will receive the equivalent of five weeks' salary in a bonus this month, according to reports.

Emirates Group recorded the 30th consecutive year of profits, Emirates reported a profit 124% higher than the previous financial year and dnata recorded its highest profit ever. Amazing!

Emirates profits double from AED1.3 billion to AED 2.8 billion

Passengers up 4% from last year

After 30 years in business, the group continues to record profits

The employee bonus will be the equivalent to five weeks' salary and staff were notified on Wednesday morning

The 'profit share' depends on the financial performance of the company in the given year and thanks to an incredible earning year for the airline, staff will be rewarded this month.

Emirates staff RN.

Congratulations Emirates!

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