Emirates Airlines Could Soon Be REVOLUTIONISING Air Travel By Introducing Windowless Planes


Emirates Windowless Planes

Looking out from the window is arguably one of the best things about air travelling- something that might become a thing of the past in the near future. 

Before you scoff at the idea, listen up! Emirates' plans of introducing windowless planes actually sounds like a cool deal. 

These planes, according to Tim Clark- Emirates president, will fly faster, higher and be fuel-efficient. They will also have “virtual windows” that show real-time images of the view from outside.

The idea was floated around by Tim Clark at the International Air Transport Association annual meeting in Sydney on Wednesday.

One of the Emirates airlines already has a windowless First Class

Since December 2017, the middle row of the first class suites on their new Boeing 777-300ER aircraft have virtual screens that act like windows.

The idea is to completely replace these windows in all Emirates flights in the future. 

A better view of the outside

Pros of a windowless flight

1. It will be lighter.
2. It will travel faster
3. The view will be better and clear on the screens
4. Less fuel consumption.

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