The List Is Out: Emirates Is No Longer The World's Safest Airline For 2019

Can you guess which airline came out on top?

Emirate Worlds Safest Airlines

The safety and product rating website,, has announced its safest airline for 2019.

And no, it's not Emirates that has come out on top.

When making its list, the website takes into account numerous factors such as audits from aviation's governing bodies and associations; government audits; airline's crash and serious incident record, safety initiative incorporated by the airline, fleet age and lastly, profitability.

And this year Qantas has been named the world's safest airline

Emirates, however, is among the top 20 world's safest airlines

Full list

The top 20 airlines in alphabetical order are:
Air New Zealand
Alaska Airlines
All Nippon Airways
American Airlines
Austrian Airlines
British Airways
Cathay Pacific Airways
Qatar Airways
Scandinavian Airline System
Singapore Airlines, Swiss
United Airlines and Virgin group of airlines (Atlantic and Australia)

Statement by

"The Australian airline has been a leader in the development of: Future Air Navigation System; the flight data recorder to monitor plane and later crew performance; automatic landings using Global Navigation Satellite System as well as precision approaches around mountains in cloud using RNP.

Qantas was the lead airline with real-time monitoring of its engines across its fleet using satellite communications, which has enabled the airline to detect problems before they become a major safety issue."

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