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Hatta Is On The List Of The World’s Most Instagrammed Road Trips

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When you think road trip, you think HATTA! With Hatta’s impressive mountainous views and all its many adventurous activities – its a road trip mustt for all.

The Dubizzle acquired company Wecashanycar has analysed more than 12 million Instagram posts that used the hashtag #roadtrip and discovered that Hatta is one of the most Instagrammed road trips out there (GLOBALLY) alongside Australia’s Great Ocean Road and the US’s Route 66.

WOW! Dubai is literally an all-rounder for tourists/residents/kids/pets/aliens/the supernatural …. for practically anyone

Hatta has been ranked as the seventh most Instagrammable road trip spot in the world

With an average of 25,929 posts, Dubai’s Hatta came in seventh place in the ranking

Here is a gimpse of Wecashanycar’s top 10 most Instagrammable road trip locations put in a list for you:

#10. With 12,674 posts is North Coast 500, Scotland

#9. With over 14,628 posts we have Sicily, Italy

#8. Rounding off to 21,277 Instagram posts is Tuscany, Italy

#7. Is UAE’s very own Hatta with 25,929 posts

#6. No road-trip list is complete without California’s Pacific Coast Highway, USA – with 28,107 posts

#5. Another one for the USA! Monument Valley with 31,332 posts

#4. The Big Sur, USA – 33,416 posts

#3. At number three is the The Outback in Aussie land with 42,918 posts

#2. America giving some major ‘grammable road trippins here – Route 66, USA – with 62,680 posts

The #1 most Instagrammed place for road trips: with 87,190 posts is the Great Ocean Road, Australia – And she is a BEAUT

Literally what are you waiting for?! IF you haven’t been to Hatta yet this is the perfecto time to plan a nice long drive to the serene exclave located high in the Hajar Mountains

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