Qantas Passengers Left Stranded In Dubai Over New Year's

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The Guardian and international media are reporting that 'hundreds' of Qantas passengers are stranded in Dubai airport for New Years. There have been many delays over the past week caused by increase fog, on this ocasion the airline is working to fix some issues with the A380 aircfaft. Many unhappy customers are turning to social media to complain about Qantas. However, much as it's very disappointing to have New Year's plans put on hold, as one person points out, it's better to be safe than sorry. Qantas are doing their best to manage the situation by responding to all comments on social media and all passengers have been put up in hotels. 

People are stranded in Dubai airport

People are clearly not happy with Qantas

Users post on Qantas Facebook page about lack of communication in Dubai

But Qantas are replying to every comment on Facebook and putting people up in hotels

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Some people came out in defense of Qantas saying there is a reason why it's the safest airline in the world

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