5 Amazing Romantic Getaways You Can Fly To For AED3,000 Or Less

Valentine's Day, or whenever really!

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Ah Valentine's day, loved by some, loathed by others, but all in all a day for celebrating love. 

If you're single, then check out the Lovin Dubai Anti-Valentine's Day Lock and Key Party on February 15. 

If you already have a bae, then here are a few places you can treat them to a little getaway this, or any weekend. 

1. The Maldives: 4 hrs 15 mins

Does it get more romantic than this? With private islands, over-water villas and pristine coral reefs, The Maldives is oh-so-sexy. 

Check out Niyama Private Islands for the ultimate sunsets, private pools and beaches, and some of the most beautiful outlooks around. 


You can get flights six times per week with flydubai from AED1,804.

2. Bentota, Sri Lanka: 4 hrs 30 mins 

Sunsets ahoy, beach getaways can be so romantic, particularly with beautiful isolated spots like Bentota, just two hours' drive from the airport. 

Staying somewhere like Amal Villas is a perfect hideaway from the world, quiet and calm, with beach access and absolutely stunning views. 

Plus Sri Lanka is absolutely dirt cheap for hotels, food and drink. 

You can get there via Emirates from AED1,975.

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3. Cyprus: 4.5hrs 

Venture into the Mediterranean to Cyprus, the birthplace of Aphrodite - the Greek goddess of looooove.

Get a taste of Cypriot heritage, at the Paphos Harbour Castle and various UNESCO listed sites, meander through the stunning streets, and watch the sun go down over the Cyprus horizon. 

Flights from Cyprus are available on Emirates, from AED2,455.

Paphos Harbour Castle

4. Byblos, Lebanon: 4 hrs 10 mins 

One of the world's oldest villages, Byblos is a stunning view into history just an hour's drive from Beirut. 

You'll feel as though you've gone back in time into a sleepy little sea-side village. 

It's got cobble-stone alley-ways, stunning sea views, heritage to boot; there's a reason so many people opt to have weddings here. 

Flights to Beirut are available on flydubai, from AED794.

5. Cappadocia, Turkey: 9 hrs 25 mins

What might just be the ultimate in wedding proposals, Cappadocia is known for the hot-air ballooning, and is just out of this world beautiful. 

Plus there are hotel-rooms within the caves, so it's an experience you will NEVER forget. 

Flights with Turkish Airlines fly to Nevsehir, from AED3,045. 

Okay, okay, not technically* under AED3,000 but it's only an extra AED25, and will you LOOK AT THIS PLACE!?

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