This Infographic Tells You Absolutely Everything You Could Possibly Know About Ski Dubai

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We really do take it for granted that their is a Ski slope, in a mall, in the desert. Ice Rink is impressive enough, but they have those elsewhere. But a ski slope, in a mall, in a desert!? 

It's always worth doing it, just for the novelty. But for me, apart from that, you just can't beat the real thing. It's like running on a thread-mill as opposed to the outdoors. What's the point. There is such a trill from running or cycling outside, just like there from navigating a mountain slope. Having said that, let's get back to taking a moment to appreciate Ski Dubai. The folks over at Destination2 have put together this tidy infographic with all the stats! 

Dubai Ski

Them penguins though!

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