6 Reasons Why You Should Visit This Semi-Secret Beach In Thailand During Low Season

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You've probably heard all the tales of your colleagues' enchanting weekend in Thailand- the tropic breeze, booze and all the sin-city stories for the books.

Murray Head's song 'One Night in Bangkok' perfectly depicts the crazy (and beauts) combination of culture, wildness and serenity ALL AT THE SAME TIME. Everyone who's ever gone will never tell you 'not to go'- because it's one of those places you have to tick off your bucket list.

But from what I've discovered during a recent trip to Thailand, for those who want the ULTIMATE island escape- go during low peak season.

And go to the Haad Yuan beach at the Koh Phangan island for at least a day or two (or longer), here's why.

1. Going during low peak season means less crowds, noise and pollution

So you'll get to see the BEST of the island, and tbh it'll feel a little like it's all yours.

Low peak season is definitely a good time for honeymooners to consider jetting off to Thailand's dreamy islands. Low peak in Koh Samui or Koh Phangan is when there are no full-moon parties scheduled (these ones are often flocked by travelers from across the globe.)

Don't get me wrong, there's more than many islands to choose from- but there's something Haad Yuan beach's charm that will be engrained in your mind.

2. Stay in a hut (if it's not too warm) and live that tropical life to the fullest

Imagine going to sleep to the sound of majestic waves and seeing nothing else around (no towers, excessive markets, F&B)- just 2-3 restaurants here and there and the sound of nature.

Staying in a hut proved to be a challenge at first since you'll have to tackle the mosquitoes- but if you're an adventure-junkie, you'll come to appreciate how this adds to the very foundation of the trip.

NO AC means you're helping the environment out too and staying out your comfort zone.

Not to mention, they cost less too.

3. You get to take those Instagram-esque swing photos without worrying about anyone in the shot

PLUS points for shy people who can't pose when others are around.

Or swing by for hours, and take in all the glory of this escape from reality.

...or swing on a hammock and take a NAP

4. Yogis will love the yoga centre around the beach

Center, align and spoil yourself with a community of like-minded peeps.

There's no better location for those asanas than in Haad Yuan, check out The Blooming Lotus for retreats, workshops or a simple class to get your morning started.

5. Because if you're lucky, this is the sunset you'll be chasing on the daily

No explanations needed.

6. There are some cool parties at Eden Garden too

Be warned; this won't be the case during low peak which is why it makes for more of a rejuvenating, island escape.

But during the mid or high-peak season, Haad Yuan beach is known for the coolest, underground parties that aren't AS crowded as the Full-Moon ones.

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A heavily caffeinated 24-year old writer and blogger. Shereen enjoys traveling, attempting yoga poses and getting bullied by her Persian cat.