Will Smith Is Currently Having The Time Of His Life Filming For Aladdin In The Middle East

They are shooting at Jordan's Wadi Rum...

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The cast and crew of the live-action Disney remake, Aladdin is currently in production and have been touring the Middle East region to shoot some of the scenes for the film.

After making a short stop at Israel, Will Smith, who's playing the role of Genie, alongside his teammates, has now landed in Jordan. 

On Wednesday, the crew and Will Smith visited the beautiful ruins of Petra

In the post, Will wrote, 'Special “Thank You” to the Royal Family & to the people of Jordan. You all took PERFECT CARE of us." 

Wait, does that mean he met up with King Abdullah II and Queen Rania? Umm, we can't wait for the pictures! 

Also, according to Jordan's local newspaper, the scenes are currently being shot in Jordan's Wadi Rum. 

The actor was later spotted dining at The Royal Yacht Club Restaurant in Aqaba

People, obviously, were thrilled and gave him a warm welcome

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This isn't Will's first time in Jordan. He visited Amman two years back and LOVED the city

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