13 Hilarious 'Salt Bae' Memes That Will Brighten Up Your Day

"When your bill is $0.99 but you give $1 and say keep the change'

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The internet loves nothing more than a good meme. And boy did Dubai restaurant owner Nusret give it to them this week. Since his video went viral, the worlds media reacted, and the internet did it's thing. 

It's almost impossible to calculate how many video views in total or media impressions. But make no mistake, this is a seminal moment for Dubai food, up their with what Gangnam Style did for K-Pop. 

In a week when the Health Forum took place in Dubai, added Salt to your meal just became the must do trend, everywhere. 

Enjoy these, there are hundreds more and #SaltBae isn't going away anywhere soon. 

And it starts

CV updated

It just got serious

Oh, stop it

Nothing left

They changed the sign again

Keep the change

These Saltbae memes...NOT ABLE 😂😂😂 #saltbae #datflourishdoe #nusret #lovindubai (Via @saltbae_)

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Let's go shopping

Salt Bae emojis

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You've got skills

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A meme list wouldn't be complete with out Joe

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