Here's What Happened When A Vlogger Tried To Spend A Full Day In Dubai Using JUST Apple Pay

Apple Pay launched in 2014 in the US and in 2017 in the UAE, but the service is still finding its feet.

The service allows you to make payments in stores, on apps and websites and it's said to be easier and safer than using your credit or debit cards.

EMKWAN, a UAE vlogger focused on tech reviews put the service to the test here in the UAE and tried to go a full day using just Apple Pay. Here's what worked, and here's what didn't

Set up is so simple

The wallet was left at home (bar a bit of cash) and off he went about a normal day. He tried to purchase everything from the morning coffee, gas for the car, food delivery and a supermarket shop.

The video shows HOW simple the process is, BUT still, even some places that advertise Apply Pay simply don't work.

A full day using Apple Pay in Dubai


You can pre-plan using Apple pay, there's even a list of banks and retailers that DO accept, but the lesson? Don't leave home without cash.

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