7 Awesome UAE-Based Podcasts You Should Subscribe To ASAP

Perfect for if you're bored of the radio!

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They might have not be as popular as the radio but podcasts are definitely gaining somewhat of a cult following all over the world.

We even have a Lovin Dubai Before Brunch podcast now - for all your Friday morning banter. 

Here are our picks of our favorite UAE based podcasts that you should be listening to on the regular (especially when radio gets a little, you know, repetitive). 

Here's the Lovin Dubai one...

1. Dukkan Show 

This podcast is basically what happens when four friends who are just hanging out in a coffee shop or the beach and just happen to have recorded their discussions on comedy, music, philosophy, and just about anything else.

It is casual, fun, and just sooo Dubai (in all the best ways!).

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2. Dirhams & Dollars 

Dirhams & Dollars is a weekly business podcast by Gulf News, discussing the biggest money related stories going around.

It is presented by the business reporters and editors at Gulf News but is a lot more candid than the news stories they publish – and you don’t need a couple of Economics degrees to know what is being talked about.

3. The Shady Shadow Show

Shadi Megallaa brings in a different guest each episode and lets them play any record they want.


Expect any genre – our favorite part are the ‘arguments’ between Shadi and his guests over the tunes that are playing!


4. Kerning Cultures

Kerning Cultures releases a new episode every month on a story that discusses history, culture, or current affairs from this region.

Also, it has a number of producers (nine, last time I checked) so each episode has a slightly different narrative style but there are all around 30 minutes long so they are pretty good for when you are stuck in traffic.

5. Behind the Bytes

Three well known tech editors step away from their publications and come together once a week to discuss the latest tech news.

Expect a lot of banters over everything technology - from smartphones to Gitex to digital currency.

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6. Tea With Culture

Presented by Hind Mezaina and Wael Hattar, the 30 or so minute long episodes discusses the art and culture and also often includes interviews with really interesting people that you may or may not have heard of.

If you want to hear some frank discussions about the cultural scene here, then this podcast is the one to listen to!


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7. The InnerFight Podcast

InnerFight's Marcus Smith is a high performance coach that GETS results.

In his podcast he talks performance with a range of people from health and fitness gurus to those searching to get more out of their life.!

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