A Dubai Student Created An App That Might Actually Combat Student's Compulsive Phone Behaviour

Combatting phone addiction one brill discount at a time

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Raise your hand if you can readily admit to being addicted to your phone.

'Cos show me my blinking phone and I NEED to see it, and I reckon I'm not alone.

This is all well and good if you're a working adult, (lol) when you have all the time in the world to check your phone, but for students in class, can you imagine how distracting having a phone must be?

Until now.

The brain-child of a young Dubai entrepreneur, this could credibly put a stop to obsessive phone use during school-time.

Lock & Stock, a new app that lets students earn discounts for keeping their phone in lock mode... and it's a serious incentive

Students love food, students love discounts, students spend too much time on their phones

This gives students the ultimate incentive to grab deals and discounts. So, not only will students have the incentive to ignore their phones in class, the deals on all of the great things (Nandos, Fuddruckers to name a few) are all the motivation to earn more points.

The app tracks GEO locations and discounts kick in when students are on campus.

Results: Here's how much time users have already saved by NOT spending time on their phones

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It's free on Android and iOS

Download the app to start collecting points and redeeming deals

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