Money Kicks Just Bought The Most INSANE Car For His Sixteenth Birthday

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From an outsiders point of view Rashed Belhasa, or Money Kicks has had the most extraordinary week.

But if you scroll through his Instagram feed, you get the idea these weeks are pretty standard for the famous YouTuber who's on the threshold of a mini-empire thanks to the Moneykicks online store.

This is how the vlogger, with over 2.2 MILLION YouTube subscribers, spent his birthday week

Three birthday cakes, modelled on his own wrapped super cars

He got stuck into the 'Money Kicks milkshake' at Chocolate Bar, which is named after him

He introduced Instagram to his favourite animal

Caught up with the Man United football team who are currently in town for warm weather training

And bought himself a new Rolls Royce for $350,000 (video below)

'YouTube changed my life'

He did sell his Ferrari last week...

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