Cya Laters It Looks The FULL Amazon Site Takeover Might Actually Happen

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The Amazon/Souq acquisition took place back in 2017 but until now there has been no inkling Amazon was bringing its recognisable interface to the UAE market.

Until now.

The $580 million takeover wasn't noticeable to users in the region until the beginning of 2019, when sellers were alerted by that the seller side was merging. is very much active, but Dubai residents are reporting changes

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Omar Kassim tweeted a message which points to the websites finally merging

'Your new Amazon sellar account is ready' accounts are being slowly being migrated to Amazon accounts

Souq was founded in 2005 and became the largest e-Commerce platform in the Middle East

The acquisition cost Amazon $580 million and for two years, the recognisable blue logo continued to dominate But from recent updates, it looks like Amazon may soon complete a full takeover of the site.

Waving goodbye to an old friend like

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