More Drama Surrounding Amir Khan's Stay In Dubai As A Young Woman Is Attacked While Partying With Him

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Last week everyone was talking about boxer Amir Khan following his very public split from his wife Faryal.

Twitter exploded after he announced the divorce and accused his wife of cheating on him with fellow British boxer Anthony Joshua.

Joshua and Faryal denied the claims, saying they had never met, as Amir continued his tirade of anger tweets.

Amir has since apologised for the tweets and admitted he may have acted in anger.

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Now more drama has unfolded as a young British woman has ended up in hospital after partying with Amir in Dubai

The young girl, named as 22 year old Bia Hannides, was in Dubai with her mother when she met the boxer.

Invited to party with them, at Billionaire Mansion, Bia was reportedly dancing with recently single Amir when she was attacked with a glass by another woman.

The attacker is alleged to be an air hostess who became 'jealous' when Bia began dancing with Amir.

Amir's brother Haroon supposedly asked the air hostess to leave the private section of the club when she then attacked Hannides smashing a glass over her face.

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Bia feared her sight would be affected by the attack

Pictures of Bia and Amir enjoying their night have been cast out of the spotlight as photos of Bia after the attack show the horrifying close proximity of the glass to her eye.

While he sight is currently not affected she may still need surgery when she returns to the UK.

In an exchange of messages between Amir and Mia obtained by Amir seems to make light of the situation stating that he gets punched for a living and reassuring her that she will still 'get the best guys'.

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Amir has since returned to the UK

After a week filled with drama in Dubai he has returned home and hopefully this will be the last of his issues for a while.

Wishing Bia a swift recovery.

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